Baptism & the Dead Sea

To travel to Israel and visit the most wanted attractions, these are only some of the facts that are worth mentioning. there are 1578 public gardens and parks in Jerusalem, There are 7 big and open gates leading to the Old City of Jerusalem.
walk through history and have a beautiful once in a lifetime Jerusalem day tour

From ojalá to insha'Allah

Our third day in Jordan started off more smoothly than the previous day. Our first stop was Bethany Beyond the Jordan. This is thought to be the sight of Jesus’ baptism. The location has been “proven” by numerous historians and religious scholars, but it is not without controversy. That however, isn’t really the point to me. Jordan and the region all around it is steeped in social and religious history, just being within the vicinity of that kind of history is amazing. (Side note–I see that WP has changed the photo display style, if you’d like to read the photo caption just hover over it).


After seeing the Jordanian site we walked a bit farther to where you can actually touch the Jordan River. On the opposite side of the river bank is Israel and this location is (according to our guide) where Israel believes Jesus was baptized. So…

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