Visit Jerusalem

Tour in Jerusalem 

A small portion of the world population is aware of the immense potential of Jerusalem as a tourist destination. Whether you are looking for places of historical significance, geographical importance or religious relevance, taking a tour in Jerusalem can satisfy all kinds of wanderlust. 

For many Jerusalem is part of the Holy Land tours. But there is more to the city than this. It stands testament to the centuries of oppression Jews have undergone whether in the last century or in ancient times. Yad Vashem tells the story of the six million Jews who died facing extreme brutality. The 45 acre memorial comprises of a museum, library and monuments. A tour in Jerusalem is not complete without visiting this site. Whether you are joining Israel group tours or touring on your own, make sure you add this destination to your itinerary. 

When speaking of geographical importance, it goes without saying that Mother Earth has blessed Israel with all her might. A tour in Jerusalem is made more interesting by adding a Dead Sea tour to the list. It is the lowest point on earth, which is why the water has excessive mineral deposits which do not sustain life, however these very minerals have immense therapeutic and healing powers making hundreds of tourists flock there from all over the world. 

The religious relevance of Jerusalem is obvious. It is the seat of all Abrahamic religions- Christians, Muslims, Jews and Armenians. Your tour in Jerusalem will comprise of visits to churches, mosques, and synagogues. All these faiths successfully conglomerate here giving the tourists different venues to explore. The famous Wailing Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Mount of Olives and Al Aqsa mosque make Jerusalem a rich experience

In a nutshell it can be said that Israel is the heaven for the travel buff. You can opt for Israel group tours if you want to explore the land with others or select an individual tour package to travel in your own time and pace. Either way pack in a tour of Jerusalem without which your Israel tours will be incomplete.


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