I Won’t Write About the Conflict; Or, What I Think Of When I Think Of Israel

Israel is such a lovely country, no need to talk about such things, look at Haifa! we arrange great Haifa tours why not see how Israel is really all about 🙂

Brute Reason

I won’t write about the conflict.

Yes, I know I’m from there. I know I must have Such Interesting Perspectives on that whole…situation.

I know I have friends in the IDF. I know I once strongly considered moving back, and thus getting drafted myself. I know I’ve seen rubble and remains of Qassam rockets and tanks and bomb shelters and graves. What do I think of all this?

Not much, anymore. I’ve gone numb.

I used to write about it, publicly. I had a newspaper column and everything. You can probably guess which perspective I took. My family was so proud, sending the articles to their friends, saying, See, here’s a young person who gets it.

And then I stopped, cold turkey.

I’m not ignorant. I read the news. But the news is so damn different depending on who reports it, and each side can easily counter the other with…

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The Arts in Haifa

Haifa, Israel

Haifa, Israel (Photo credit: swallroth)

Haifa is one of the forgotten cities in Israel. For many who do not know of the history beyond the bible, it is a place that can easily be overlooked yet is one of the most gorgeous cities on the planet. It is rich with culture, color and entertainment. The arts are particular prized in the Haifa region and there are a number of festivals setting out to prove just how worldy this city can be. You might find you enjoy your Haifa tour more than the rest of the things you have been dying to see for years.

The Festival of Festivals is an amazing celebration of three religions simultaneously: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Events happen every weekend in December and hope to provide people the ideals needed to truly live together in peace. There are antiques, foods, artists selling their wares, performances and even music concerts in the local halls. The overall emotion is that of tolerance and joy; a truly unique experience for the area. These festivals have grown in popularity and really bring to light the similarities between the religions while be accepting of the differences.

For 25 years Haifa has been the home of an international film festival. There are usually 280 screenings or more of films from all around the world. With guests from various film communities, it gives the artists a chance to talk about the challenges of their craft in all different locations. It spreads the word of little known films and helps promote the true understanding of various cultures.

Haifa tours often include trips all around downtown and the interesting structures that have been build. The theater is the home to the Children’s Theater Festival yearly. This is an excellent place to take children to enjoy the theater and learn all about other cultures and entertainment. The actors rejoice in showing children how to laugh and have fun in this type of atmosphere. Make sure you aren’t shy, there is often some audience participation and you better be ready to come front and center if you are called on to participate.