Vacation in Israel

Israel is a destination that is all encompassing with striking contrasts. There are lush green hills as well as arid deserts and a beautiful coastline. It is the holiest place for the followers of Christianity, as well as Judaism. It has archaeological wonders as well as marvelous modern structures. With such a variety to experience, a holiday in Israel can only be unforgettable.

Among the widely visited places in Israel and variety of hotels in Israel, there are some places in Israel that are a most visit: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the Jordon Valley and Masada. Here’s sneak peek at two of the most visited sites – Jerusalem and the Dead Sea

A Dead Sea Holiday 

At more than 400 meters below the sea level, the Dead Sea is the lowest point on the earth and is so called because it can sustain no living organism due to its very high levels of salt. But this very salt has immense healing powers. This is what makes the Dead Sea popular for spa and wellness tourism. Every year this site welcomes thousands of tourists who come here to heal skin ailments and rehabilitation. Float on the salt-rich waters, enjoy a mineral rich mud bath or enjoy the all year round thermo-mineral hot springs on your Dead Sea holiday and discover a rejuvenated self.

Once you have experienced the healing effect of the Dead Sea, you can move on to tour the surrounding area. This would include the rest of Judea Desert which has plenty of oases with wild animal and plant life and is home to sites such as Mt. Sdom, Nachal Darga, the nature reserve at Ein Gedi and the Einot Tsukim reserve.

Jerusalem Day Tour 

You can begin your tour of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives from where you can see a beautiful panoramic view of the Old city as well as New Jerusalem. You can also see the Temple Mount esplanade where it is believed that the heaven meets the earth.

Driving through the Kidron Valley will take you through the biblical holy sites of the Garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus prayed before he was crucified, King David’s tomb on Mount Zion, the hall of ‘The Last Supper’ nearby, Church of the Holy Sepulcher – the site of the crucifixion and the Western (wailing) Wall. The archaeological excavations in the underground city of David will let you marvel at the ancient city and its geographical importance.

Continue your Jerusalem Day Tour by visiting the Jewish holy sites, beginning with four 16th century Sephardic synagogues. These have been fabulously restored to their original magnificence. Visit the excavated Herodian Mansions and see the lavish homes of Jewish priests 2000 years ago. Each home was built to have an open view of the temple.

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